Policy Enforcer

Policy Enforcer, a Junos Space Security Director component, is a user intent-based threat management policy modification and distribution tool. It allows updated security policies to be deployed across Juniper SRX Series firewalls, MX Series 5G Universal Routing Platforms, EX Series Ethernet Switches, QFX Series Switches, and third-party network devices. The software helps automate threat remediation and microsegmentation policies across your entire network.

With Policy Enforcer, information security is controlled and managed by security software. New devices are automatically covered by security policies instead of identifying their IP address as with other solutions. These software-defined environments can be moved without affecting security policies and controls already in place.

Armed with advanced threat intelligence collected by Juniper Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP) Cloud and the Juniper ATP Appliance, Policy Enforcer dynamically adapts to new threats, automatically updates policies across the network and takes action to stop lateral threat propagation. With an extensible framework, Policy Enforcer enables third-party vendors to integrate their products with the software for advanced security capabilities such as threat remediation.

Key Features

  • Infected host tracking and blocking
  • Custom threat feeds
  • Metadata-based dynamic access control policies
  • Threat mitigation for private and public cloud deployments
  • DDoS mitigation

Features + Benefits

Policy Definition and Enforcement

Define and enforce consistent security policies across both on-premises and cloud deployments.

Policy Automation

Automate security policies across the network, including firewalls, routers, and switches, for accurate enforcement, consistent security, and compliance.

New Threat Detection

Detect new threats and deploy new enforcement policies automatically to network firewalls and switches.

Scalable Security Policy

Extend a security policy across tens of thousands of SRX Series firewalls and site locations, while granularly managing several logical system instances for each individual SRX Series device.

Logging and Reporting

Get detailed reporting with logging capabilities through integration with the Juniper Log Director application.

99.9% Security Effectiveness

Juniper received an “AAA” rating in CyberRatings’ 2023 Enterprise Network Firewall Report, demonstrating a 99.9% exploit block rate with zero false positives.

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Banca di San Marino Safeguards Financial Assets with Unified Cybersecurity

Perimeter security alone is no longer enough to keep sophisticated cybercriminals at bay. To comply with new banking and data privacy regulations while maintaining the security of more than €200 million in total assets, Banca di San Marino turned to unified, adaptive cybersecurity.

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Policy Enforcer

Centralized orchestration that automates policy across your network and security stack, including Juniper and third-party products, to distribute enforcement and better secure your network.

Technical Features
  • Infected host tracking and blocking
  • Custom threat feeds
  • Metadata-based dynamic access control policies
  • Threat mitigation for private and public cloud deployments
  • DDoS mitigation
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Graphic representing Juniper Security Director, a centralized, security management system.

Security Director

Centralized security management, network-wide visibility and analytics, and unified policy orchestration secure your network and expand zero trust from the edge into the data center.

Technical Features
  • Manage tens of thousands of sites simultaneously
  • Create policies for validated threat prevention, user and application access control, secure connectivity, and more — and apply them anywhere
  • Protect private and public cloud workloads with metadata-based security controls
  • Correlate and analyze each stage of an attack in sequence, regardless of which product made the detection, and stop threats across your network with one-click mitigation
  • Security assurance guarantees that security rules are always placed correctly for intended effectiveness
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