South Dublin County Council Builds AI-Driven, Threat-Aware Network

Traveling less than a half hour south of Ireland’s historic capital of Dublin leads visitors to South Dublin County. In contrast to Ireland’s centuries-old capital, South Dublin County has only a few decades behind it but an exciting future of innovation and economic growth ahead. To serve 270,000 people and 7,000 businesses, the council relies on an AI-driven, threat-aware network from Juniper.


Company South Dublin County Council
Industry Government and Non-Profit
Products used Advanced Threat PreventionQFX5110SRX1500
Region EMEA
South Dublin County Council Image
"What the team likes most about Juniper is its simplicity and the integrated nature of all the supplied solution’s components."

Business Challenge

South Dublin County Council has built-in and automated cyberdefenses that protect data and applications. Staff can focus on providing vital services to constituents, and sensitive data is safeguarded to meet GDPR requirements. A cohesive AI-driven campus network, with Mist wireless and Juniper wired, optimizes the network user experience and streamlines network operations.