Junos Space SDK

Create your own with SDN tools

Junos Space SDK delivers on the programmability promise of SDN by making it easy to create custom analytic and management applications that run on the Junos Space Network Management Platform.

    Junos Space SDK


    Junos Space SDK creates a programmable network that delivers on the software-defined networking (SDN) promise of programmability. The connections and intelligence imbedded in the network can be leveraged to create customized management solutions that meet specific needs, and to create new revenue streams.

    The Junos Space SDK also makes it simple to safely extract data from your network for use in applications, and to create solutions that can respond and react to the network to become more intelligent and provide better end-user experiences.


    • Create better user experiences with networks and applications that make real-time changes based on behavior
    • Enhance network visibility and control with apps tailored for specific analytic and management needs
    • Gain better access to network information, including data from ALTO, BGP-TE, GenApp, and others
    • Deliver better quality of service and end-user experiences to your customers
    • Use advanced orchestration to improve cost-effectiveness, resource optimization, and personalization of services
    • Find new revenue opportunities from better access and use of subscriber and user data

    Resources for the Junos Space SDK