Junos Space Network Management Platform

Centralized platform for managing and orchestrating network devices and services through a single pane of glass.

Junos Space Network Management Platform works with our management applications to simplify and automate management of Juniper’s switching, routing, and security devices. As part of a complete solution, the platform provides broad fault, configuration, accounting, performance, and security management (FCAPS) capability, same day support for new devices and Junos OS releases, a task-specific user interface, and northbound APIs for integration with existing network management systems (NMS) or operations/business support systems (OSS/BSS).

The platform helps network operators at enterprises and service providers scale operations, reduce complexity, and enable new applications and services to be brought to market quickly, through multilayered network abstractions, operator-centric automation schemes, and a simple point-and-click UI.

Junos Space Network Management Platform is a unified approach to managing a Juniper network infrastructure and for designing and deploying new services. Its centralized management and orchestration for network devices and services is delivered through a single pane of glass for real-time visibility with single sign-on (SSO).

The platform presents a single abstracted network model that can extend to third parties through feature-rich RESTful APIs. Users can access its functionality through a Web 2.0 GUI that uses persona-based workflows and progressive disclosure to enable operator-centric and scope-specific visibility and control.

Key Features

  • FCAPS management platform
  • Plug-and-play application support
  • Programmable SDK
  • Web 2.0 GUI

Features + Benefits

Device Management Interface

DMI includes zero-day device support, protects investment.

Hot-Pluggable, Multitenant Applications

Hot-pluggable, multitenant applications provide rapid deployment of applications and devices and in-service updates.


RESTful APIs make Junos Space Platform accessible to build custom apps and integrate with OSS/BSS and other NMS.

Instant Scaling and Resilience

Application fabric enables instant scaling, system resilience, and resource optimization.

Comprehensive Management

Network discovery and inventory management supports FCAPS network management framework, and provides total management of network elements.

Flexible Network Visualization

Topology provides flexible network visualization options for simplifying network operations.

Software Image Management

Software image management provides remote and in-service software upgrades and enables automated upgrade planning.


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Junos Space Network Management Platform

Junos Space Network Management Platform is a centralized platform for managing and orchestrating network devices and services through a single pane of glass.

Technical Features
  • FCAPS management platform
  • Plug-and-play application support
  • Programmable SDK
  • Web 2.0 GUI
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