Junos Space Network Director

The modern campus requires agility, flexibility, and resiliency without the complexity associated with traditional networks.

Junos Space Network Director is an on-premises management solution for IT staff to manage the network infrastructure from a central location. You can use it to automate routine management tasks such as network provisioning and troubleshooting, dramatically improving operational efficiency and reliability.

Key Features

  • On-premises, centralized campus management
  • Fabric automation via ZTP and bulk provisioning
  • Network analytic, and visibility

Features + Benefits

Built-in Support and Management

Fabric automation provides pre- and post- deployment support and management for Layer 2 and Layer 3 fabrics.

Traffic Behavior Insight

Network Traffic Analyzer reveals the source of traffic spikes and bursts so you can make informed usage and capacity policy decisions.

Plug and Play Operations

Zero Touch Provisioning auto-detects and provisions endpoint devices without manual user intervention.

Automatic Fabric Creation

Fully automate campus fabric configuration and deployment while eliminating errors associated with manual deployments.

End-to-End Performance Boosts

Network visibility and flow path analysis help improve the performance and availability of individual network hops and path flows across the infrastructure.

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