Juniper Networks® Advanced Care Plus Quick Start Package Datasheet

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Service Overview

Juniper Networks® Advanced Care Plus Quick Start Package is a cost-effective, short-term technical support service that helps customers de-risk the transition to new Juniper products.


Service Description

Juniper Networks® Advanced Care Plus Quick Start Package (QSP) is a 90-day technical support service for small and medium-size enterprises that require direct access to senior-level Juniper support engineers and technical assistance, as well as guidance for new network rollouts, transitions to new Juniper products, and software feature assessments. The service provides a technical services advisor who assists in the progression of high-impact network issues, proactive technical notification consultation and guidance, software release upgrade guidance, operational review meetings, product knowledge transfer, and proactive maintenance window planning that includes support from the Juniper Technical Assistance Center (JTAC).


Features and Benefits

Table 1. Juniper Networks® Advanced Care Plus QSP Features and Benefits
Feature Feature Description Benefit
Technical Services Advisor 8x5 remote named Technical Services Advisor who proactively manages customer experience, providing assistance on JTAC case progression, proactive technical notification, software release guidance, asset tracking, informal Q&A, and technical liaison with Juniper teams (available remotely for 8 hours, 5 days a week). De-risk the transition to Juniper products. Effectively and efficiently grow and scale the network. Not necessary to train/hire/manage expensive network resources which saves time and preserves budget dollars.
Assistance in Progression of High-Impact Network Issues Provides an interface between customer and JTAC offering technical inputs for faster Priority 1 and Priority 2 technical case resolution. Valuable insights about customer’s network help accelerate case closures and increase network uptime so end users can stay productive.
Proactive Technical Notification Consultation and Guidance Discusses customer-specific technical updates such as proactive bug notifications (PBNs), technical service bulletins (TSBs), and security incidence response teams (SIRTs) based on customer’s existing infrastructure. Technical discussion and consultation helps customer identify potential impacts and take proactive actions.
Software Release Upgrade Guidance Assists in selecting software version and discusses potential problems, risks, and benefits for software release. Ongoing guidance ensures that the customer is running supported software optimized to the network and business needs.
Operational Review Meetings Periodic remote meetings to assess and discuss technical cases and issues. Customer conference calls provide good visibility of operational issues and progress of open cases.
Knowledge Transfer Related to Juniper Products Addresses ongoing technical questions related to Juniper products in Q&A format. Access to Juniper technical experts quickly address any product questions customer may encounter.
Expert-to-Expert Access Routes Priority 1 and Priority 2 cases directly to senior-level JTAC engineers. Faster issues resolution for high-priority cases ensures high network availability.
Maintenance Window Proactive Support Conducts review of change prior to scheduled maintenance window, which includes review of customer’s planned configuration change, software updates and activities, customer’s method of procedures, and test results. Support provides technical guidance and instills confidence that the change will be delivered on time and successfully.
Maintenance Window Support for JTAC Support Ensures coordination with JTAC, who assists in creating a proactive case for a scheduled maintenance window to work on problems. Collaboration and guidance from team ensures the change will be delivered on time and with minimal issues.


Flexible Services Credit (FSC)

The Flexible Services Credit can easily be added to the QSP and redeemed within 12 months for qualified Juniper Services. The qualified Juniper Services include Remote Optimization Consulting Services, Professional Services, and Education Services. For details, refer to the FSC service description.


Ordering Information

The Juniper Networks® Advanced Care Plus QSP is a three-month service that is delivered remotely and available globally. The service offers two price points to accommodate varying network requirements, and it can easily be transitioned to the Advanced Care Plus service for a more feature-rich experience. As a prerequisite, customers must have in place or purchase a Juniper Care support contract to ensure the best customer support experience. For details, contact your local Juniper partner, Juniper Field Sales Manager, or your assigned Juniper Services Business Manager.


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