Planet-Friendly Networks

Leading the way in energy-efficiency and best practices for sustainability.

At Juniper, we don’t shift our focus to environmental sustainability on Earth Day—we do it every day. Our business places us in a unique position to model and influence best practices for energy efficiency, and our commitment to innovation shapes these practices.

We adhere to sustainable methods across our own business, and we develop network products designed to help our customers implement and enhance sustainability initiatives. We watch proudly as Juniper customers trim operating costs through savings on space, power, and cooling, lowering their carbon footprints and supporting cleaner air and a healthier environment.

The network plays a vital role in addressing the challenges we face as a global community. Juniper’s greatest impact on the environment is through our technology, so we’re reducing our carbon footprint with products that are environmentally responsible in all phases of their life cycles.

Juniper products meet some of the strictest environmental standards in the industry. For instance, our PTX3000 Series routers lead the market in energy conservation, using less than half a watt per Gbps while delivering enormous scalability. And our Juniper Unite Cloud framework aims to reduce environmental impacts by streamlining data center operations and simplifying network architectures for data center efficiency.

Our products support current and emerging technologies that lead to further economy in the data center and across our customers’ businesses. Virtualization and data center consolidation are pivotal. By reducing hardware and replacing its functionality with virtualized servers and functions, we see real estate, power, and cooling demands plummet. Containerization is a new, lightweight technology area that offers energy efficiency even greater than virtualization. We’re excited to watch our customers build networks based on these technologies and move toward new models of efficiency.

While we strive to influence our customers and the industry to embrace environmental best practices, we hold ourselves and our supply chain accountable. We work closely with our internal Energy Council and organizations such as the Carbon Disclosure Project.

It’s our nature to continue to innovate and challenge the status quo not only on Earth Day, but every day, exploring new ideas that will minimize the impact of our products on the environment—leading to a healthier planet.

Happy Earth Day, 365.