Verizon accelerates adoption of connected healthcare technologies for patient-centric care

The future of healthcare will be a hybrid of the digital and physical worlds, because, quite simply, there aren’t enough doctors or hospitals to go around. Virtual healthcare infrastructure will enable hospitals to offer virtual care by default and physical care when and where it’s needed.

Verizon, together with Juniper and Visionable, are accelerating the adoption of connected healthcare technologies for patient-centric care. 


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Verizon Connected Healthcare
Customer Success At-a-glance

Collaboration hub

Stimulate the co-creation of connected healthcare solutions

Transform care pathways

Through real-time collaboration, private 5G, and AI-driven Wi-Fi networks

Industry leader

Verizon named a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Network Services for 16 consecutive years (2007 – 2022)

Clinical collaboration platform

Visionable is trusted by 90 UK National Health Service organizations 


Patient care, where and when it’s needed

Verizon and Visionable’s Connected Healthcare Center opened its doors in 2022 in Kent, UK to offer an opportunity for healthcare providers to experience how technology can transform the healthcare experience and improve the patient care journey.

Verizon, Visionable, and Juniper partnered to create this collaboration hub with the intent of facilitating partners to work together to create innovative ways to overcome persistent challenges in healthcare delivery, including insufficient resources, inconsistent quality of care, and inequitable access to healthcare across regions and the world.

“To accelerate change in how healthcare is delivered, it is crucial that healthcare organizations come together and witness these transformational applications firsthand,” says Scott Lawrence, Senior Vice President, Global Solutions, Verizon.


Verizon Connected Healthcare Challenge

Making connected healthcare a reality

The Connected Healthcare Center brings together Verizon’s 5G leadership, Juniper’s AI-driven, secure network solutions, and Visionable’s patented digital healthcare collaboration platform.

Visionable’s platform can be used from the initial consultation and urgent care through to hospital treatment, and at-home care. Verizon’s global network facilitates the sharing of clinical expertise and patient data across disciplines, environments, and locations. Juniper’s AI-driven wireless LAN solution provides fast, reliable Wi-Fi networking and sophisticated location services to improve the overall healthcare experience for patients and providers. 

Verizon Connected Healthcare Solution

Unlock new pathways to care

Verizon is bringing to life the benefits of next-generation connectivity and collaboration in healthcare at the Connected Health Center.

Healthcare leaders can envision how technology can allow people to receive care at home, with remote patient monitoring and virtual specialist care. When emergency responder vehicles are equipped to share video, data analytics, and other information while in route, patients can get the care they need faster.

In general practice surgeries, digital platforms support informed, collaborative patient care. In hospital wards, digital solutions can optimize care pathways and support collaboration among multidisciplinary teams, which can help accelerate diagnoses and improve the patient experience.

Health services across the world are under ever-increasing stress, but through collaboration and innovation, affordable, high-quality healthcare can be more accessible. 

Verizon Connected Healthcare Outcome
Scott Lawrence, Senior Vice President, Global Solutions, Verizon
“The Connected Healthcare Center has been developed to provide a dedicated space for professionals to see connected healthcare in action, and more importantly, work together as a community to build new applications and use cases. This collaboration will help revolutionize how healthcare is delivered.”
Scott Lawrence Senior Vice President, Global Solutions, Verizon
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Published October 2022