Junos Traffic Vision

Increased visibility to network traffic flows

Junos Traffic Vision software provides increased visibility to network traffic flows, enabling better security, network operations, and planning.

    Junos Traffic Vision


    Junos Traffic Vision is a traffic sampling system for MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers that keeps track of packets processed by the router through any interface. Details of the traffic flow (also known as flow records), such as source address, destination address, packets, and byte counts, are aggregated and reported using the flow record.

    Junos Traffic Vision summary records give service providers the ability to do usage-based accounting, traffic profiling, traffic engineering, attack and intrusion detection, and SLA monitoring. It collects data on packet flows, aggregates the data, and exports it to an external device. The data format is standards-based and can be exported to many third-party offline applications.

    Specialized service cards, such as the MS-MPC and MS-MIC, are used to add capacity in the number of flows and bandwidth to be analyzed. Flow analysis in both active and passive configurations can take place alongside lawful intercept filtering and port mirroring without impacting performance.


    • Multiple deployment models simplify installation without changes to end stations, performance, or network structure.
    • Transparent flow monitoring creates flexible licensing options.
    • Flexible implementation collects data at the individual interface, sub-interface, or virtual router level.

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