Actionable insights into customers, peers, and prospects

Business analytics platform and visual dashboard that can drive revenue by providing actionable insights into customers, peers, and prospects.


    Juniper Networks BizReflex is a business decision-making solution that brings the power of Big Data technologies to service provider networks. It combines a powerful analytics engine with a state-of-the-art visual dashboard that presents insights from the network via clear and customizable graphics, statistics, and drill-downs.

    Combined with J-Flow on Juniper routers, network operators get a complete business insight solution that combines data extraction technologies at the network layer, a powerful analytics engine, and a user-friendly dashboard.

    BizReflex provides information into customers, peers, and prospects that can identify high-value prospects for targeted sales initiatives, detect at-risk customers, and highlight opportunities for up-sell or service differentiation.


    • Analyze-first architecture processes and analyzes data in near real time, reducing storage costs and accelerating insights.
    • High-performance sampling at 120 million flows per second creates leading scalability and reduces costs.
    • Prospect identification enables targeted prospecting by discovering potential high-value customers.
    • Churn mitigation identifies customers that are not optimally served.
    • Customer profitability analysis identifies stranded revenues and helps develop new services and pricing plans.
    • Peer imbalance management reduces unfair peering costs.