Junos Network Analytics

Insights for Empowered Decision Making

Portfolio of tools that leverage big data to help service providers improve decision making, grow revenue, and improve efficiency with timely insights and analysis of network trends, traffic patterns, and customers.

  • BizReflex

    BizReflex extracts network intelligence to understand customers, peers, and prospects for use in developing new revenue opportunities and reducing churn.

  • NetReflex

    NetReflex derives network data that optimizes planning and operations and drives down costs.

  • Leverages big data

    Tools that leverage big data technologies to help service providers grow revenue, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.

  • Helps network planners

    Provides a deep understanding of what is happening on the network tailored to specific organizational roles, including network planners and architects, and business decision makers.

  • Reduces data storage needs

    Unique “process first” architecture dramatically reduces the need for data storage, lowering costs, and improving scalability while accelerating the speed at which insights can be delivered.

  • Identifies at-risk and high-value customers

    Accurately identifies at-risk customers to prevent defection, and identifies high-value prospects for targeted sales efforts.