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Juniper and AiRISTA combine employee safety workflows with indoor location services to provide real-time insights to ensure worker safety and security response

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Increasing physical assaults on staff and considerations around employee well-being in workplaces today are making employee safety a top priority. But a lack of visibility into employee locations and difficulty identifying and monitoring high-risk areas makes it difficult to enable targeted security measures and prevent avoidable incidents.



AiRISTA's Staff Safety Solutions, in tandem with Juniper's Indoor Location Services powered by Mist AI and enhanced with Wi-Fi and BLE, offer robust Real-Time Location System (RTLS) solutions for ensuring employee welfare and security. This combined offering provides real-time employee location information that security personnel and nearby staff can use for rapid emergency responses to help ensure employee safety. Safety personnel can use it to locate staff under duress and it also supports fall detection, man-down situations, and employee mustering and headcount, further enhancing workplace safety.



- Delivers accurate, real-time employee location, alerting responders of incidents within 5–10 seconds for fast responses
- Supports customization to drive detection and alerting responses across a wide range of use cases
- Uses wearable technology that can provide instant notifications to security personnel whenever incidents occur
- Enables easy deployment and configuration across industries and workplace types, including industrial, healthcare, and hospitality verticals


The Challenge

In fast-paced modern workspaces that include high-risk job duties, dangerous equipment or machinery, isolated work, and other risks, keeping employees safe is both critical and challenging.

Staff duress systems have emerged as essential tools to ensure quick response in emergencies and employee well-being. These systems, designed to be discreet yet effective, enable staff to swiftly alert security personnel during crisis scenarios.

Healthcare is a prime example of the growing importance of staff duress systems, especially when you consider workers’ low perceptions of safety culture and that assaults on nurses were up 5% in the last year. These ongoing incidents are impacting nurses’ decisions about whether to stay in their current positions.

AiRISTA has developed innovative solutions that leverage advanced technology to provide immediate staff assistance. The approach combines the reliability of traditional employee security systems with the precision of modern location technology, offering an enhanced layer of security in various workplace environments.

AiRISTA’s highly customizable RTLS safety solutions enable personnel detection and alerting responses across a wide range of use cases. Whether operating in an underground mine, a six-story hospital, or on a college campus, AiRISTA’s personnel safety alerting works wherever there is Wi-Fi and BLE coverage.


Juniper Mist and AiRISTA provide next-level staff safety capabilities

The AiRISTA staff safety solution works over your existing Wi-Fi and BLE infrastructure, providing real-time insights into employee location and status via a dedicated cloud portal. The solution can send instant alerts to security personnel, management, and even coworkers in the vicinity of an employee in duress, with the name and location of the person in need of assistance. In man-down situations, the AiRISTA staff safety solution automatically generates an alert.

AiRISTA BLE Badge Tags work using a simple pull-down mechanism to instantly alert security personnel that an employee is in distress. The tags send emergency alerts via the AiRISTA platform to devices, such as computers, tablets, and cell or VOIP phones, via the existing Wi-Fi network deployed throughout a location. Knowing the exact time and location of a staff safety incident can significantly reduce response time and the likelihood of injury or worse. Staff members receive an acknowledgement that the call for help has been received through buzzing sensations and blinking onboard LEDs on the tag.

If an alert persists beyond a designated period, the solution automatically escalates it. Forensic playback develops best practices and continuous improvement. And reporting capabilities provide insights into response performance and help ensure compliance with established and emerging regulations.

Juniper AI-Native Networking technology is integral to providing the fastest, most accurate, most detail-rich location information possible. To provide precise user locations within the digital floor plan of a facility, the AiRISTA staff safety solution relies on Juniper’s high-performance Wi-Fi access points with virtual Bluetooth LE (vBLE). And Juniper Indoor Location Services leverage AI and machine learning in the Mist cloud to provide precise tracking of staff and enable badge alert signal transmission to the AiRISTA cloud.

Features and benefits of the solution include:

  • Two-way communicating tags that ensure alert delivery and a coordinated response
  • Rapid response (in as little as 5-10 seconds)
  • User-customizable response rules tailored to customer protocols
  • Network redundancy over Wi-Fi and BLE networks
  • Software programmable buttons used for escalation
  • Integration with building systems and E911 services
  • Recorded replay of the path taken by the event initiator


Juniper Mist solution components

All wireless deployment, operational, and management functions are handled via the Mist cloud, which delivers the following Wi-Fi and virtual Bluetooth LE services:

  • Wi-Fi Assurance: Includes user service levels, anomaly detection, automated event correlation for troubleshooting, dynamic packet capture, policy configuration, guest WLAN access, and more
  • Marvis Virtual Network Assistant: Provides natural language queries with integrated help desk functionality for rapid and simple root cause determination and problem resolution while enabling a self-driving network through the Marvis Actions framework
  • Indoor Location Services: Relies on a unique AI-Native and cloud-native architecture that features unique vBLE technology integrated with Juniper wireless access points to enable quick and easy deployments with a low TCO
    • Mobile user engagement: Pushes location-based information, such as turn-by-turn directions and proximity notifications, to mobile users
    • Asset visibility: Finds high-value resources, such as shipping pallets, wheelchairs, and security personnel
  • Juniper access points: Deployed on premises for Wi-Fi, BLE, and/or IoT access


AiRISTA solution components

  • AiRISTA sofia RTLS software platform: Designed for an IoT world, sofia simplifies rules creation and workflow integration
  • AiRISTA Flow Studio: A low-code integration studio for drag and drop creation of custom workflows and customer integrations
  • Comprehensive BLE tag portfolio: Two-way communicating tags for both assets and people that facilitate orchestrations of assets and people in safety workflows
Figure 1: RTLS Integration between Juniper Mist and AiRISTA. When staff activate a tag, data is sent via BLE to the Juniper access points and real-time location data is delivered to the sofia cloud via API integration with the Juniper Mist cloud. Asset tags track locations of other high-value assets

Figure 1: RTLS Integration between Juniper Mist and AiRISTA. When staff activate a tag, data is sent via BLE to the Juniper access points and real-time location data is delivered to the sofia cloud via API integration with the Juniper Mist cloud. Asset tags track locations of other high-value assets

A new era in staff safety

The joint efforts of Juniper Mist and AiRISTA bring a new era in staff safety, where AI-Native, real-time indoor location solutions meet the evolving demands of modern workplaces. With an array of features, including customizable alerting rules and seamless integration with Juniper’s wireless and indoor location infrastructure, this solution sets a new bar for rapid response times that ensure employee well-being. Together, Juniper Mist and AiRISTA enable businesses across industries to prioritize staff safety and security with operational efficiencies needed for the workplace of today and tomorrow.


Next steps

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