40G Optics

Juniper’s 40G and 4 x 10G optical transceivers are well suited for performance-critical deployments in cloud and enterprise networks. All Juniper 40G optics are compliant with key industry standards and specifications for seamless interoperability in multivendor environments and are qualified for use across Juniper’s ACX, EX, MX, PTX, SRX, and QFX product lines.

Key Features

  • Form factor: QSFP+
  • Speed/mode: 40 GbE, 4 x 10 GbE
  • Distance: 100 m to 40 km

Features + Benefits

Assured compatibility, performance, and support

Ensure the reliability of your network with Juniper's full suite of system and module-level power, thermal, and DVT testing, software integration into Junos® OS and Junos OS Evolved for seamless optics recognition and management, and full technical support from the Juniper Networks Technical Assistance Center.

Safeguarding your supply chain

Minimize supply-chain disruptions and help ensure diversity and quality of critical optical components with Juniper's ecosystem of rigorously audited optical suppliers standardized under a common Juniper product.

Facilitating open networking

Seamlessly deploy Juniper optics in multivendor environments thanks to Juniper’s participation in key optical standards organizations and commitment to delivering a complete portfolio of standards-compliant solutions spanning a wide variety of optical technologies and use-cases.