Dutch Broadcaster Uses EVPN-VXLAN to Build Flexible Multitenant Data Center

VPRO content editors, producers, and staff use network collaboration to create highly provocative documentaries distributed to viewers around the world. The company also produces a wide variety of other content types for the Web, radio, print, and other media.


Company VPRO
Industry Media and Entertainment
Products used QFX5100EX3400Junos OS
Region EMEA
VPRO Image
"With EVPN-VXLAN, we can maintain network separation among the three companies. It also allows us to extend our Layer 2 networks to other parts of the organization to support our disaster recovery site."
Valentijn Flik Lead Architect, VPRO

Business Challenge

Growing video and audio file sizes were pushing the bandwidth limits of VPRO’s data center network. The company shares IT infrastructure with two other broadcasters in Hilversum, the Netherlands. In addition to more network capacity, VPRO needed a scalable, multitenant architecture that would securely partition data from all three companies.