Frasers Property Australia realizes the value of experience-first networking

Frasers Property Australia, a division of the multinational Frasers Property Limited, creates homes, shopping centers, offices, long-term secure rental properties and mixed-use places. With a focus on place-making and community building, the company specializes in complex, large-scale, mixed-use developments to create stronger, smarter, happier neighborhoods.

Frasers Property Australia is migrating 35 residential and commercial properties to Juniper’s AI-driven enterprise network solution to deliver an optimized experience for customers, visitors, and staff from client to cloud. 


Company Frasers Property Australia and Frasers Property Industrial – Australia
Industry Real Estate
Products used AP33AP41AP43AP61AP63Marvis VNAWired AssuranceEX2300 MultigigabitEX3400EX4300QFX5100SRX320SRX380SRX550Security Director
Region APAC
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Customer Success At-a-glance


Billion in real estate assets under management by Frasers Property Limited


Minutes to make network changes, down from six weeks 


Properties using Juniper networking and security

Fix network-related issues proactively


Simplify connectivity at diverse properties

Whether a residential, retail, commercial, industrial, or hospitality property, Wi-Fi is a basic need.

“Every residential, commercial, industrial, and retail property is challenging in its own way,” says Grant Barnes, system engineer at Frasers Property. “In addition, we often develop in greenfield sites that have no network infrastructure at all.”

As the need for business agility and IT efficiency grew, the organization’s previous choice of cloud-managed wireless began to become a burden.

Frasers Property needed secure networking it could deploy quickly and consistently deliver optimized user experiences while simplifying IT operations.

“Using Juniper networking and security for our site-in-a-box gives us flexibility on how and where we deploy projects,” says Barnes. 

Frasers Property Australia Challenge

The network user experience comes first from Sydney to Perth to the cloud

With Juniper’s AI-driven network solution, visitors and tenants have a superior Wi-Fi experience at Burwood Brickworks Shopping Centre, Frasers Property’s architecturally designed and internationally acclaimed mixed-use development in Melbourne, Australia. In 2021, Burwood Brickworks was recognized as the world’s most sustainable shopping center with the Living Building Challenge® Petal Certification.

Wired and wireless connectivity at several other of the company’s Australian properties is provided by Juniper. Residents, visitors, and employees can take advantage of fast, secure wireless Internet. Security cameras, IP phones, and wireless access points are securely connected.

Properties, headquarters, sales offices, construction sites, and data centers are seamlessly connected to a flexible enterprise network fabric, with secure connectivity to Microsoft Azure. 

Frasers Property Australia Solution

Optimized network experience for shoppers, residents, and staff

“When staff walk into an office, they turn on their laptop, and have access to everything,” says Barnes. “Staff have the same experience whether they’re in the head office or in a construction site in Western Sydney.”

Juniper’s AI-driven networking has streamlined IT operations, enabling the team to deploy more technology with the same resources. With Mist AI, IT can automate key network tasks, proactively address issues, and provides unparalleled insight into user, device, and application behavior for a better user experience.

The experience has been transformative. “When I gave a presentation on Juniper networking and Marvis, my general manager asked if we hired someone new,” says Barnes. 

Frasers Property Australia Outcome
“A Juniper network driven by Mist AI has improved the experience for both internal and external customers.”
Grant Barnes System Engineer, Frasers Property

Published March 2022