Devoli plans 10-fold growth with Juniper core and cloud metro

Not every company survives explosive growth. Wholesale network service provider Devoli, however, has made smart choices about network innovation that help the company not only survive as it sets growth records in Australia and New Zealand, but flourish.

Devoli’s retail service provider and consumer-brand customers can provision Internet, voice, and cloud connectivity services in minutes using a one-stop portal. Devoli partnered with Juniper for a trans-Tasman, 400G network that scales efficiently as its capacity needs grow.


Company Devoli
Industry Service Provider
Products used PTX SeriesMX SeriesACX Series
Region APAC
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Customer Success At-a-glance


Priority 1 outages in last 18 months since partnering with Juniper


Days to upgrade six POPs in Australia with Juniper core routers


Customer growth over the past four years


Customer growth planned over the next five years


Grow in a competitive market

Competition among service providers in Australia and New Zealand is intense. As a ‘challenger’, Devoli had to adopt a DevOps mindset that would drive service automation, eliminate manual processes, and allow it to gain a competitive foothold.

“Our customers have a one-stop portal where they can quickly set up Internet service for their customers,” says Ken Nicod, Director of Engineering at Devoli. “We take out the hard steps so it’s easier for them to compete.”

In preparation for its next wave of growth, Devoli determined that it needed a 400G-ready network to meet customers’ expanding connectivity and throughput needs and fuel its own expansion.

Like most service providers, Devoli is looking to reduce its network footprint, lower its energy costs, and earn its green credentials. “We want to have the most efficient network in the market in the next two years,” he says.

Devoli Challenge Black and White

Build a 400G-ready foundation

Devoli has invested to expand the capacity and reach of its network significantly, which has allowed the company to quadruple its business over just four years without disappointing customers.

Devoli upgraded its core network in New Zealand to 400G with the Juniper Networks PTX10001 Router for high-density, high-performance connectivity at its points of presence. With an eye to investment protection, it repurposed the Juniper MX10000 routers it previously used to become edge routers. Devoli also upgraded its metro access and aggregation networks in Australia, deploying the Juniper Cloud Metro solution, which includes the energy-efficient Juniper ACX7000 router, for a converged IP services fabric.

Devoli Solution

Eyes on success with a network tuned for speed

The strategy is working. In four years, Devoli’s customer base grew from 20,000 to 110,000, and the company expanded its network by 500%.

The flexibility, density, and capacity of a Juniper network gives the wholesaler room to grow.   

“We expect continued growth in Australia and New Zealand, which Juniper can support as we attract new business and expand internationally,” says Nicod. “When we run out of 100GbE or 200GbE, we can easily upgrade to 400GbE or even 800GbE in our core and backhaul networks.”

The innovative PTX routers are a big part of the strategy. “They set us up for the huge capacity we will need in the next few years,” says Nicod.

But performance isn’t the only advantage. Devoli has had zero core outages in the 18 months since deploying Juniper, according to Nicod.

The PTX also supports Devoli’s mission to conserve energy. “The PTX10000 routers are on the forefront of the per port, per watt efficiency and will help us meet our goals,” Nicod says.

Devoli Outcome
“We push ourselves and our partners to be innovative and at the forefront of technology. Juniper has always responded and met our expectations. The PTX is an industry leader in the 400GbE arena and is key to our move to 800GbE interfaces in the core.”
Ken Nicod Director of Engineering, Devoli

Published January 2024