Case Study

Building a highly available, future-proof data center network using the MetaFabric architecture.

SIA is the leading European IT supplier to the financial services industry, handling billions of transactions each year.

“The services we provide for our customers, such as online services connectivity, data transport, and monitoring of trading, are critical to businesses. It is essential that we maintain the highest levels of performance and availability across our entire infrastructure at all times.”

Emanuele Landini, network operation manager, SIA


As the European leader in the design, creation, and management of technology infrastructures and services for the financial services industry, SIA maintains rigorous standards for its network’s performance and availability. In 2015, the company handled nearly 9.9 billion transactions and carried 358 terabytes of data on its network.

Business Challenge

The SIA network carries massive amounts of mission-critical financial information for its customers. When the company decided to upgrade its two data centers, it needed a solution that could meet very specific criteria: extremely high network availability, resiliency for every possible failure condition, and very low latency to maintain reliable data replication between its mainframes.

Technology Solution

SIA adopted the MetaFabric architecture, incorporating MX960 routers and QFX5100 switches. This design supports more than 10 Tbps of system capacity for mission-critical cloud and data center deployments, plus top-of-rack, end-of-row, and spine-and-core aggregation deployments.

Business Results

Using Juniper’s network solutions, SIA can now give its banking and financial services customers the highest levels of service performance and availability. Its resilient new data centers are performing with very low latency, maintaining reliable data replication between its mainframe computers.

“The Juniper solution has given us a flexible operating environment with powerful automation capabilities. It really is a data center platform for the future.”

Emanuele Landini, network operation manager, SIA

How we put it together

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High-performance, low-latency data center and cloud switches that can be deployed in a variety of network fabrics or architectures to provide maximum flexibility.