Juniper Delivers the High Performance Worldwide Networks US Intelligence Agencies Require

Intelligence agencies get best-in-class wide area routing, switching, data center, and security solutions from Juniper.

The Challenge

The National Security Community is tasked with activities necessary for the support of foreign relations and the protection of national security interests. These agencies require best-in-class wide area routing, switching, data center, and security solutions, supported by engineering and professional services.

The Solution

Juniper Networks supplies them with a wide range of secure technology and services including:

  • The innovative MetaFabric Architecture, provides cost effective, low footprint, secure and scalable switching and routing for intelligence community data centers.
  • Juniper routers provide industry-leading system capacity, density, and performance, and are optimized for emerging architectures and services, delivering the capital efficiency, service innovation, agility, and operational scale and maturity needed for intelligence connectivity and sharing.
  • Advanced routing architectures that separate control, management, services, and forwarding planes, supporting virtualized network services, tightly aligned with Juniper Network’s Software Defined Network (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) strategy.
  • Scalable data center security solutions that detect, adapt, defend, and respond to targeted insider and external threats, including a wide-range of virtual and physical security platforms, products and services.
  • PTX Series Packet Transport Routers are high-performance Converged Supercore platforms optimized for MPLS and Ethernet, with 100GbE integrated DWDM optics.

Backing our solutions is a broad portfolio of services and support offerings, combined with a highly trained team, to support U.S. federal government agencies during every phase of the network’s lifecycle—from planning to building and operating mission-critical networks. Included in this portfolio is Juniper’s Government Network Support Services, which enable you to deliver information and data directly to a group of special network experts who are eligible for security clearance, to resolve network issues quickly, effectively, and securely. We also provide a trusted and secure supply chain, plus on-site and custom training and programs.

The Benefit

Juniper can supply end-to-end solutions that satisfy the needs of the Intelligence Community that are customized and scalable to meet future mission requirements.

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How we put it together
  • MetaFabric Architecture

    Juniper switches are a key component of Juniper's data center switching architectures, scaling easily to thousands of ports to meet growing business demands.

  • Routing

    A comprehensive, scalable, and secure portfolio of routers for enterprise and service provider networks.

  • vSRX Virtual Firewall

    High-performance network security in a virtual form factor for rapid deployment and scale-out environments.

  • QFX Series

    High-performance, low-latency data center and cloud switches that can be deployed in a variety of network fabrics or architectures to provide maximum flexibility.