Data Center Switching

Scalable Architectures for Every Data Center

Juniper switching platforms provide a high-density, high-performance foundation for the most demanding data center and cloud environments. They can be deployed within multiple fabric architectures to support anywhere from dozens to thousands of ports, scaling to address current and future business needs while protecting investments.

DC Switching Architecture
  • Junos Fusion

    A simple, automated and scalable multi-tier Ethernet fabric that allows up to 128 switches to be managed as a single, coherent entity.

  • QFabric System

    A flat, single-tier network solution designed for large scale data centers and clouds where architectural simplicity is highly valued.

  • Virtual Chassis Fabric

    Optimized for small to mid-sized data center environments, enabling up to 32 interconnected switches to be managed as a single, logical device.

  • Virtual Chassis

    Enables up to 10 interconnected switches to operate as a single, logical device, providing operational and management simplicity.

  • Flexible building blocks

    Our switches support deployments ranging from dozens to thousands of ports while providing a solid foundation for SDN.

  • Multiple fabric architectures

    Our switches work in a variety of data center architectures, including Junos Fusion, QFabric® System, Virtual Chassis Fabric, and Virtual Chassis technology, addressing our customers’ current and future business needs while protecting investments.

  • Critical cornerstone of MetaFabric Architecture

    Our data center switching architectures contribute to a comprehensive MetaFabric data center architecture that accelerates application deployment and delivery within and across multiple sites and clouds, improving time-to-value and maximizing long-term value for the IT infrastructure.