SRX Series IOC4 to IOC3 Replacement Service Datasheet

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Service Overview

SRX Series IOC4 cards are moving to End-of-Life status. To allow customers to retain their investment in the SRX5000 line of Firewalls, Juniper recommends using an IOC3 card. The IOC3 cards provide the same line-rate performance and continue to secure the network and detect issues. To assist customers in this transition, Juniper Professional Service’s is offering a service to ensure that the network performs as desired during and after the IOC3 card transition.


Service Description

As IOC4 cards move to End-of-Life status, Juniper is offering replacement service so that customers can retain their investment in Juniper Networks® SRX5000 line of Firewalls and SPC cards. The packaged Professional Service is a post sales project that assists in transitioning to IOC3 cards, which have the same line-rate performance as the IOC4 cards.

This service helps organizations transition to the IOC3 cards without network redesign while minimizing both the time and effort to complete the transition. The key components of this service are Discovery Workshop, Configuration Review, and Network Migration Plan. Additional services, such as Network Migration Plan Lab Validation, Post Maintenance-Window Technical Assistance, and Post-Migration Assistance can be added. Like all Professional Services offered by Juniper, this service has the goal of enabling organizations to utilize the technology offered by Juniper in the most time efficient and risk adverse way possible. 


Discovery Workshop

Juniper consultant will review the network architecture with the customer, go over the existing network requirements, discuss future plans, and verify the functionality of SRX Series IOC3 cards that will be replacing SRX Series IOC4 cards.


Configuration Review

After reviewing and confirming the network design, the Juniper consultant will review the configurations and make sure they match the SRX IOC3 interfaces and its relevant configurations.


Network Migration Plan

Juniper consultant will review the success criteria test plan provided by the customer related to the SRX IOC3 cards and develop a Network Migration Plan, as well as recommend a process to transition the solution to the IOC3 cards.


Network Migration Plan Lab Validation

Juniper consultant will validate the Network Migration Plan in a test environment using the customer’s specific configuration. This task will validate the process with a successful commit and reboot of the system with all components and interfaces up and running as expected. Customers will receive a validation report with the outcome of the validation test.


Network Migration Plan Execution

Juniper consultant will help execute the agreed-upon plan to transition the SRX5000 line solution to IOC3 cards during a scheduled maintenance window.


Post Maintenance-Window Technical Assistance

Juniper consultant will be available to provide technical assistance should any issues arise during the first production day after the maintenance window.


Juniper Service and Support

Juniper ensures operational excellence by optimizing the network to maintain required levels of performance, reliability, and availability. For more details, please visit


Ordering Information

To order the SRX Series IOC4 to IOC3 Replacement Service, or for additional information, please contact your Juniper account manager.



The scope of this service is for swapping SRX Series IOC4 to IOC3 cards only and does not include separately sold assessment, design, or migration services. If you require additional services from your Juniper Professional Services consultant, please contact your Juniper account manager.


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