Bringing Digital Equity to Rural Businesses

All businesses are becoming digital—even in rural and remote areas. Westelcom, which serves the business community in upstate New York, leverages automation to meet customers’ digital needs faster and more efficiently.


Company Westelcom
Industry Telecommunications
Products used MX10003MX80SRX300EX3400
Region APAC
Westelcom Image
“With our Juniper network, we’re bringing 1-gig and 10-gig speeds to rural areas where there weren’t a lot of options before.”
Seth Crimmins Vice President of operations, Westelcom

Business Challenge

Westelcom embarked on an automation journey to meet growing demand for business-quality voice, data, and cloud services in a traditionally underserved region. Find out how the service provider uses automation to improve network resiliency and accelerate service delivery.