Combating Evasive Malware with Proactive, Real-Time Threat Prevention

As the magnitude of cybercrime increases, managed IT services provider Vology recognized that traditional, reactive security technologies would not protect its business or its customers.

More than 1,400 organizations have relied on Vology for managed IT services. As security breaches increase in scale and sophistication, the provider wanted real-time visibility and protection against previously unseen threats. Vology is an early adopter of the cloud-based Sky Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP).


Company Vology
Industry Cloud Provider
Products used Advanced Threat PreventionSRX1500Security Director
Region Americas
Vology Image
"After less than a day with Sky ATP, we knew about threats that we had never seen before."
Matt Jolly Senior IP Solutions Architect, Vology

Business Challenge

Vology monitors more than 100,000 IT devices at 20,000+ customer locations through two network operations centers. Traditional reactive security technologies weren’t enough to protect itself and its customers from email and web threats. Vology needed to proactively detect and stop evasive malware and other threats before damage occurs.

Technology Solution

Vology adopted the cloud-based Sky ATP for advanced malware protection in real time. Sky ATP continuously analyzes email and web files to detect persistent threats, ransomware, and other sophisticated malware. Vology uses SRX1500 next-generation firewalls to automatically block threats.

Junos Space Security Director automates security management, providing extensive policy management and control through an intuitive interface.

Business Results

Juniper solutions have given Vology real-time visibility and protection against previously unseen threats. Sky ATP and SRX1500 firewalls automatically detect and stop malware before damage is done. Vology can proactively guard its business from the data theft, business disruption, and loss of customer trust that can occur with security breaches.

"Sky ATP democratizes security. You don’t have to be a security expert to do the forensics and validate it as a real threat."
Matt Jolly Senior IP Solutions Architect, Vology