Belgian rehabilitation hospital KEI enhances patient care with AI-driven Wi-Fi from Juniper

To speed recovery after serious injury or illness, many Belgians go to Queen Elisabeth Institute (KEI) on the coast of the North Sea. KEI’s clinicians and staff offer attentive care and specialized therapy, supported by their applications and medical equipment connected by a Juniper Networks® Wi-Fi network driven by Mist AI.


Company Queen Elisabeth Institute (KEI)
Industry Healthcare
Region EMEA
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Wi-Fi performance gain


Doctors, nurses, therapists, and staff


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Patients recover at KEI yearly


Meet evolving digital expectations in healthcare

KEI’s doctors, nurses, therapists, dieticians, social workers, and other specialists provide exceptional care and kindness. Patient rehabilitation and recovery are supported by the modern tools of digital health.

“We were connecting more medical equipment like computers on wheels and medication carts, as well as tablets,” says Stefaan Dewulf, IT architect at KEI. “More staff and patients wanted to connect Wi-Fi-enabled devices to the wireless network. Having proactive insights helps speed up troubleshooting and creates more stability of the wireless network so we can give them the best user experience.”


AIOps is a smarter way to meet the demands of digital healthcare

KEI needed modern, resilient Wi-Fi everywhere. Simplified network operations were equally important for delivering an always optimized network experience to clinicians, staff, and patients.

KEI is the first healthcare provider in Benelux to deploy a Juniper® Mist wireless network. High-performance Wi-Fi 6 is available throughout the hospital and outdoors. Juniper Access Points are ready to weather the sand and salt air of Oostduinkerke.

Juniper Access Points work with the Juniper Mist Cloud Architecture and Mist AI to collect and analyze metadata from all wireless clients, providing rich insights for user experiences across the entire network. IT can rapidly detect and resolve problems with predictive recommendations and proactive corrections, streamlining troubleshooting while freeing up IT folks to perform other tasks.

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Improve patient outcomes with digital advances

Clinicians, therapists, and administrative staff have resilient access to medical and administrative applications. Computers on wheels and other smart medical equipment are always connected. Patients and their families can easily connect to the Wi-Fi.

IT has clear visibility into service level expectations. “With Juniper Mist, we can see the Wi-Fi problems ourselves, instead of waiting for staff to tell us,” Dewulf says.

Proactive visibility has extended benefits. “With Juniper Mist, we spend less time troubleshooting, and that frees up our time for more strategic projects,” he continues.

Dewulf is looking ahead to the Mist Asset Visibility Service to track and locate high-value assets like wheelchairs. Juniper Access Points support virtual Bluetooth® LE, saving KEI time and money.

"With Juniper driven by Mist AI, we’ve gone from a vintage car to an Aston Martin."
Stefaan Dewul IT architect

Published February 2021