David Yellin uses AI to educate the next generation of Israeli teachers

The full diversity of Israeli society is represented at the David Yellin Academic College of Education. Religious and secular Jews, Muslim and Christian Arabs, and new immigrants attend the college in hopes of becoming among Israel’s finest educators.

An AI-driven campus network from Juniper provides a smart digital foundation for a curriculum of academic excellence and cultural tolerance as the college educates the next generation of Israeli teachers.


Company David Yellin Academic College of Education
Industry Education
Products used AP43EX2300Wi-Fi Assurance
Region EMEA
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Devices connected, used by 6600 students, faculty, and administrators 

Quickly identify and resolve Wi-Fi connectivity issues

Adopt the newest network technology at the oldest teacher training college in Israel

Free up IT resources for strategic work through managed network services


Aging Wi-Fi was in the way of a progressive mission

Delivering great Wi-Fi experiences was always difficult on the college’s historic campus in Jerusalem. But the challenge became magnified when the necessities of remote and hybrid learning modalities ramped up.

Students and faculty needed fast, reliable Wi-Fi connectivity, even as they brought more mobile devices to campus that added unprecedented traffic loads to the network.

With a desire to leapfrog to the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology, improve users’ digital experiences, and reduce the network support workload, the college embarked on a refresh of its campuswide wireless network. 

David Yellin College Challenge

A quick study on AI-driven networking

David Yellin College modernized its campus Wi-Fi with an AI-driven network from Juniper to improve user experiences and streamline IT operations.

“Student and faculty experiences are much better with the Juniper wireless,” says Yoav Ludmer, founder and CEO of SMBIT, the ICT integration company that led the wireless refresh and now provides ongoing network management to the college

“I was amazed at how easy setting up the Mist system was,” adds Ramzi Barhum, computer infrastructure manager, Information Systems Unit at David Yellin College.

Juniper wireless access points deliver fast, reliable connectivity to students, faculty, and staff on campus. Compact Juniper EX2300 and EX3200 Ethernet Switches provide high-density campus switching.

The Juniper access points work in conjunction with the Juniper Mist Cloud, driven by Mist AI, to collect and analyze metadata in real-time for all wireless clients, enabling rapid problem detection and root cause identification with predictive recommendations and proactive troubleshooting.

"The Mist monitoring suite is so easy and clever; you feel the AI in action,” says Barhum.

David Yellin College Solution

Fostering the future of academic excellence

David Yellin College brings together people from different cultures as it shapes the next generation of teachers. With an optimized network experience, students, faculty, and staff are empowered to continue their important work of inspiring students to achieve their full potential and to embrace tolerance in the culturally diverse nation.

“Since the installation of Juniper wireless, the user experience at the David Yellin campus has risen to a new level," says Ludmer.

“The number of user complaints about the network has dropped dramatically,” he adds.

When device connectivity or other network-related issues do arise, SMBIT’s network operations center can resolve the problem quickly before learning is impacted. With Mist AI, SMBIT has seen a significant decrease in the time to resolve problems.

“With Juniper and Mist AI, we can help BYOD users with device issues that Mist impressively detects, like DHCP, DNS and client misconfigurations,” says Barhum. 

David Yellin College Outcome
“If you are a junior IT person, the Mist portal gives you the ability to look like a pro. If you are a pro, you can fix problems in the blink of an eye. Mist gives all levels of IT staff the ability to fix problems quickly.”
Yoav Ludmer Founder and CEO, SMBIT

Published June 2022