Consolidated Communications streamlines core network upgrade with automated testing

Consolidated Communications delivers amazing experiences by putting customers’ needs first. With a network spanning 50,000 fiber route miles, Consolidated is a top 10 U.S. fiber provider with expertise in turning technology into high-value, reliable communications solutions for consumers, businesses, and carriers.

Consolidated needed to ensure the successful rollout of a new core network to enable rapid growth of its broadband, commercial, and transport businesses. Juniper Paragon Active Assurance was key to allow network upgrades to be performed without customer impact.  


Company Consolidated Communications
Industry Service Provider
Products used Juniper Paragon Active Assurance
Region Americas
Consolidated Communications
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Touch testing, thanks to automated templates 


Post-maintenance impact on customers


From painful to painless with service assurance

“Delivering stellar customer experience is at the center of our mission,” says Kenji Ogura, director of IP core engineering at Consolidated.

That mission was complicated by limited visibility into the current performance status of services, especially as Consolidated built out a new core network. As a result, identifying and resolving issues was often a manual and resource-intensive process for the engineering team as they ensured service level agreements (SLAs) were consistently met. 

Maintenance windows were limited, increasing the chance that service changes could cause downtime or unhappy customers. The network operations team had limited troubleshooting and testing tools to actively test and monitor the network. Manual regression and post-maintenance testing was time-consuming, costly, and would not scale. 

Consolidated wanted to actively test and monitor network service performance as it upgraded its core network. Automating testing moved Consolidated from a massive-touch process to a single-touch process. 

Consolidated Comms Challenge

Automated testing lifts customers’ experiences to next level

Consolidated added Juniper Paragon Active Assurance to fully automate network and service testing  across the service lifecycle. Automation improved regression testing during and after changes or maintenance. 

With Paragon Active Assurance, Consolidated can detect performance issues before they impact customer services, especially by load testing services and validating SLA adherence before services are launched to market. The engineering and operations teams solved difficult configuration, quality-of-service bleaching, network routing, and packet-size issues that formerly impacted service quality.

Paragon Active Assurance’s self-driven portal for zero-touch test automation and easy-to-use templates simplify synthetic testing for traffic types, including HTTP, DNS, SIP, RTP, and IPTV. Paragon Active Assurance simulates end-user experiences and continuously reports how customers’ services are performing. The operations team can be alerted of issues before they develop into problems.  

Consolidated Comms Solution

Streamlining operations saves time and money

Consolidated can plan, validate, and schedule changes so they do not impact service quality or the customer experience as the core network is upgraded. Automated testing reduced expensive repairs and the team is no longer chasing fleeting service issues. Consolidated realized cost savings from avoiding SLA credit payments. 

Paragon Active Assurance delivers much more proactive insights and value than passive probes that only reactively identify device issues once they occur. Consolidated benefits both by automated testing and active data-plane measurements that enable customers have consistent, high-quality services and superior experiences.

Operational processes are automated and regression testing and change maintenance have become hassle-free. What had been a challenging group effort with lots of manual requirements is a single-touch process.

A smooth rollout of the new core network allows Consolidated to keep its promise of amazing experiences for all its consumer, business, and carrier customers.

“By automating our service assurance process with the Juniper Active Assurance solution, we can ensure that scheduled changes in our core and access networks do not impact the customer experience.”
Kenji Ogura Director, IP Core Engineering, Consolidated Communications

Published April 2022