Case Study

VirtualArmor uses open security intelligence to guard customers against cyberthreats

VirtualArmor leverages Juniper’s open intelligent solutions to offer managed security services tailored to mitigate customers’ business risks.

“With Juniper Networks we now have a reliable, high-performance network, operational simplicity with central management and control, and a clear growth path which gives us full confidence that wherever the business takes us, our network will follow.”

Mark Precious, CTO, VirtualArmor


For VirtualArmor, which specializes in advanced network and cybersecurity solutions, helping organizations protect their critical network infrastructure from new and advanced threats is Job #1. VirtualArmor provides a range of managed services, professional services, and software development solutions.

Business Challenge

Since no two organizations are alike, VirtualArmor found itself having to build custom solutions for clients. This was taxing, and the company wanted to find a way to standardize processes and automate solutions to reduce time and effort while giving customers better than a one-size-fits-all solution.

Technology Solution

To help its customers thwart malware and advanced threats, VirtualArmor leverages Juniper’s high-performance, scalable, and intelligent security solutions, including Juniper Networks® Spotlight Secure, vSRX Services Gateway, SRX Series Services Gateways, and Junos® Space Security Director. With Juniper’s advanced security solutions, VirtualArmor can provide customers with rapid, coordinated protection against advanced threats from its network operations centers in Colorado and the UK.

Business Results

Juniper’s powerful, open, scalable, and intelligent security has given VirtualArmor the foundation it needs to provide an agile response to the rising volume and sophistication of cyberthreats.

“Security intelligence from Juniper allows us to be more efficient and more proactive and also include additional feeds that might be value-added services. We can automatically input alerts from our SIEM solution directly into perimeter security in an automated, hands-off way.”

How we put it together

Integrated real-time threat intelligence to detect and block advanced threats at the firewall.

High-performance network security in a virtual form factor for rapid deployment and scale-out environments.

High-performance network security with advanced integrated threat intelligence, delivered on the industry's most scalable and resilient platform.

Security management for centralized policy control across physical and virtual SRX Series firewall services.