Case Study

Network Agility is a Critical Enabler of Business Agility at Symantec

Symantec is building an open, best-practice private cloud to protect its customers in today's world of mega breaches and to enable its software development teams to build and test applications faster and more collaboratively.

“We need to be able to process huge amounts of data coming from the Internet to understand where the needles are in the haystack. The increase in data and the need for more insight faster is creating a need for urgency.”

Steve Hallett, Vice President of Cloud Engineering, Symantec


As cyberattacks become increasingly sophisticated, the challenges multiply fast for companies like Symantec that help customers secure and manage information. Symantec must move quickly to develop new security solutions to keep customers protected.

Business Challenge

Avoiding proprietary systems and vendor lock-in was a top priority when designing the cloud platform. Symantec wanted a path to self-sufficiency, creating an ecosystem where it could leverage best practices and build relationships with the teams developing the platforms and products.

Technology Solution

Symantec's cloud platform fully leverages open source. The foundation is Neutron-based OpenStack, with Storm for distributed real-time computing, Kafka for distributed messaging, Hadoop for distributed computing, and Juniper Networks Open Contrail for network virtualization and SDN.

“As we build out data centers globally, Juniper has been a great advisor to help us understand best practices.

Business Results

Symantec is well on its way to success. Open source and Juniper expertise havehelpedchange the engineering culture and although Symantec's cloud journey is just beginning, the bottom line is already revealing itself.

“The projected return on investment for the new cloud platform is in the seven figures. We will become more efficient in how we deploy infrastructure as we go from tens of petabytes to hundreds of petabytes of storage.

Steve Hallett, Vice President of Cloud Engineering, Symantec

How we put it together

From network virtualization and automation to turnkey integrated cloud management platform, Contrail delivers freedom of choice, intelligent automation and always-on reliability for cloud and NFV.

Combines Contrail Networking with Juniper's OpenStack distribution to provide a turnkey cloud orchestration and automation platform.