Case Study

Utility Provider Converges Operational and IT Networks Reliably and Securely

Jackson Electric Membership Corporation (EMC) wanted to converge its operational technology (OT) and IT networks, ensuring strict traffic isolation and ease of configuration and management.

“We can extend any service or network out to the far corners of our network using the same setup we have anywhere else. That makes it a lot easier when I have to make changes or additions.”

Stewart Williams, Network Administrator, Jackson Electric Membership Corporation


Jackson EMC delivers electricity to more than 220,000 businesses and residences in Georgia. The forward-thinking utility provider wanted to converge its OT and IT networks to improve visibility into daily operations and automate control processes that balance energy supply and demand.

Business Challenge

A dedicated fiber ring connects Jackson EMC’s engineering and operations center, substations, metering points, and administrative offices. Jackson EMC knew that an IP/MPLS network would ensure isolation of traffic from different systems over a shared infrastructure. It was imperative that the IP/MPLS solution be carrier-class and supported in-house.

Technology Solution

Jackson EMC deployed the MX480 edge router for its fiber-based IP/MPLS network. Layer 3 VPNs ensure traffic separation between OT and IT systems. It uses SRX Series firewalls to connect rural sites, and EX Series switches for the corporate network. Equally important, Jackson EMC could set up and configure the Juniper network with limited network staff.

Business Results

Jackson EMC built an IP/MPLS network that meets the unyielding demands of a power utility. Using Juniper solutions has allowed Jackson EMC to keep operational traffic and corporate IT systems flowing reliably and securely over a shared infrastructure. And changing or adding new services on the IP/MPLS network is easy.

“Our Juniper network is critical to communicate with our substation devices, between our offices, and to ensure that automated metering runs. The network is invisible—the way it’s supposed to be.”

Stewart Williams, Network Administrator, Jackson Electric Membership Corporation

How we put it together

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