Case Study

Dutch Internet service provider simplifies operations with a virtual data center fabric from Juniper

Interconnect is now replacing all of its existing switches with Juniper platforms.

“This wasn’t our original plan, but we really liked the Virtual Chassis Fabric and realized that it will cost us no more to upgrade to new Juniper hardware than to renew the ongoing support costs on our old switching platform. It’s an easy choice.”

Jeroen Stevens, CTO, Interconnect


Interconnect is an Internet service provider based in the Netherlands. It provides a broad range of IT solutions, including cloud hosting, connectivity, VoIP, and data center services. Its headquarters and first data center are in Den Bosch, and it has a second data center in Eindhoven.

Business Challenge

With over 200 switches that required frequent manual reconfiguration, Interconnect’s switching infrastructure had grown to a point where it was extremely difficult to manage. A new, innovative approach to building its data center networking architecture was needed to maintain a competitive edge and satisfy evolving customer requirements.

Technology Solution

Interconnect selected Juniper Networks MX104 3D Universal Edge Router to build a data center core, along with QFX5100 Switches and EX4300 and EX4500 Ethernet Switches to create a Virtual Chassis Fabric. The MX Series, EX Series, QFX Series, and Virtual Chassis Fabric are key components of the MetaFabric™ architecture, Juniper’s simple, open, and smart approach to data center networks.

Business Results

Interconnect now benefits from a simpler, more robust data center infrastructure. The Virtual Chassis Fabric provides predictable low latency because it ensures that each device is no more than two hops away from every other device in the fabric, regardless of physical location.

“Our technical team loves the solution. In essence, we have one big switch that doesn’t even have to be in a single room. We have no capacity problems; it’s an easy upgrade to 40GbE; and we only have to make one configuration change when a client moves from one location to another.”

Jeroen Stevens, CTO, Interconnect

How we put it together

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