Case Study

Rebuilding the network to meet stringent data center standards.

New Continuum overhauled its network to make sure it could deliver the highest quality data center and colocation services.

“We realized that if we wanted to deliver a more sophisticated, flexible, and overall better experience to our customers, we needed to invest in Juniper.”

Eli Scher, Chairman and CEO, New Continuum Data Centers


New Continuum Data Centers, located in the Chicago area, provides high-end IT and colocation services to companies that would rather focus on their core businesses than run a data center. Delivering high performance and reliability levels requires a premium network with carrier-grade attributes.

Business Challenge(s)

When New Continuum acquired a network containing single points of failure, it became unable to meet its stringent standards for performance and reliability. With a charter to deliver top-quality, standards-based data center services to a wide range of customers, it decided to start over with a ground-up Juniper network.

Technology Solution

New Continuum built a carrier-grade, SDN-ready network throughout its 80,000-square-foot facility. The network comprises Juniper MX104 routers, QFX5100 data center switches, and high-connectivity EX4300 Ethernet switches. With Juniper Virtual Chassis technology, multiple interconnected EX4300 switches operate as a single managed device.

Business Results

With its Juniper network, New Continuum is providing improved performance and reliability levels to its highly demanding customers. The infrastructure has provided a foundation for automation and orchestration that will scale with the company into the future.

“Automation was the key for us. We were future-proofing with Juniper and we liked Juniper’s readiness for automation.”

Darrell Budic, Director of Network Operations, New Continuum Data Centers

How we put it together

High-performance, low-latency data center and cloud switches that can be deployed in a variety of network fabrics or architectures to provide maximum flexibility.

Flagship edge routing platform for enterprise and service provider applications with unparalleled bandwidth, subscriber, and service scale.

Highly available, powerful Ethernet switches for converged enterprise branch offices, campuses, and data centers, as well as for service provider deployments.