Case Study

Particle physics research institute builds high-performance virtualized core network

Nikhef’s mission is to study the interactions and structure of elementary particles and fields at the smallest scale and the highest attainable energy levels.

“Initially we thought the Juniper solutions might be beyond our budget range, but we were pleasantly surprised. Unlike many other vendors, we found we could have features in a small Juniper system that other vendors could only offer in their top-of-range switches.”

Tristan Suerink, IT Architect, Nikhef


Nikhef is the Dutch National Institute for Subatomic Physics. Located in Amsterdam, its research programs involve the collision of minuscule particles, which are studied using large particle accelerators such as those at CERN, near Geneva.

Business Challenge

Nikhef required a high-performance platform that could support continual traffic growth and be highly virtualized. The platform needed to support several virtual routers within a single device and ensure complete separation of traffic and policy management among its constituent users.

Technology Solution

Nikhef chose Juniper Networks EX Series Ethernet Switches for its high-performance core network. The network includes the first-ever European deployment of 100GbE cards in the EX9214 Ethernet Switch.

Business Results

Nikhef’s new high-performance core network operates at speeds of 100GbE and has sufficient capacity to grow as future research programs generate even greater volumes of data. Flexible virtualization saves each institute from having to buy and operate its own systems. Juniper Networks Virtual Chassis technology creates a simpler operational environment that reduces the management of 46 switches down to seven.

“Some vendors just try and force us to adopt their standard solution, but Juniper listened to us and we worked together to solve the problems the way we needed to. This was a big difference in its approach.”

Tristan Suerink, IT Architect, Nikhef

How we put it together

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