Case Study

Building a carrier-grade network for serious student traffic.

Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec) collaborates with a variety of businesses and community stakeholders to drive innovation and growth. Over the last decade, it has undertaken a comprehensive program of modernization and capacity building aligned to the region’s changing needs.

“We’ve transformed our network into something much more like an Internet service provider, with greater bandwidth and resiliency. And if you want to run that kind of network, you really need a carrier-grade system, which is where Juniper Networks comes into play.”

Garry Johnston, IT Director, Waikato Institute of Technology


Wintec is one of New Zealand’s largest Institutes of Technology/Polytechnics (ITPs) and a leading provider of high-quality vocational and professional education.

Business Challenge

Given Wintec’s open approach to learning, most of its network traffic goes to the Internet —a vast storehouse of real world, vocation-related information. Its IT strategy was to embrace infrastructure-as-a-service by moving internal services into the cloud, while at the same time enhancing connectivity so people had decent access to what they needed where and when they needed it.

Business Solution

To help turn its vision of an outward-facing, high-bandwidth, and highly reliable network into reality, Wintec selected the MX10 3D Universal Edge Router based on its rich feature set and excellent price/performance. It also deployed WLC Series Wireless LAN Controllers and almost tripled the number of WLA Series Wireless LAN Access Points.

Business Results

Wintec has seen a 500% rise in the number of people connecting wirelessly. According to Johnston, the daily peaks have gone from about 300 in 2011 to between 1,600 and 1,700 simultaneous connections in 2013.

“We do student satisfaction surveys every year and, for the last couple of years, the IT satisfaction scores have gone up significantly thanks to the Wi-Fi and Internet improvements,” said Wintec IT Director Garry Johnson.