Case Study

Building the next-gen TV network.

TalkTalk is one of the largest service providers in the UK, servicing more than four million customers under both the TalkTalk and AOL Broadband business brands.

“We are highly innovative, and our network is the critical engine behind our marketing machine. The next-generation network we’ve put in place with Juniper Networks has the ability to cover 91% of UK homes and operates in over 2,500 exchanges.”

Colin Whitbread, Chief Network Officer, TalkTalk


The United Kingdom telecommunications marketplace is crowded with competitors, so customer service, performance, and service quality, are of the utmost importance. The threshold to swap providers is low, and cost and value received for money spent are key customer requirements.

Business Challenge

TalkTalk needed a high-performance and reliable network that could service its more than four million customers and grow with the organization. It also wanted to deliver new value-added services that would differentiate its service from the competition, all while leveraging existing network infrastructure and remaining true to its energy and sustainability goals.

Business Solution

TalkTalk’s new network is entirely based on Juniper Networks technology, and includes the MX Series routers, EX Series switches, SRX Series Services Gateways, and WLA Series Wireless LAN Access Points.

“We view Juniper Networks as a trusted business partner who helped us build the best network. The day-to-day evolution and design of the network rely heavily on its expertise,” said TalkTalk Chief Network Officer Colin Whitbread.

Business Results

The design of the Juniper Networks-based network infrastructure means that new service offerings can be launched easily and effectively on the same platform.

“Juniper Networks is happy to think with us, push the boundaries, and help us on the road to evolution and optimization. The biggest testament to our network comes from our customers—they just plug in and their services work!” said Whitbread.

How we put it together

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