Case Study

Improving Scale and Customer Service with Intelligent Network Security

Hyland places a priority on collaboration and using digital tools to serve customers better. Legacy firewall performance issues and complexity were impeding its goals.

“The advanced command-and-control botnet detection is an extra layer of security. We love that part of the SRX.”

Hitesh Patel, Security Lead, Hyland


Based in Ohio, Hyland develops OnBase enterprise management software used by large healthcare providers, banks, and government agencies. A rapidly growing, increasingly global organization, Hyland needs a secure network with reliable connectivity and protection against threats that can disrupt business or compromise data.

Business Challenge

The company’s firewalls couldn’t keep pace with employees’ growing use of collaboration tools, streaming media, and cloud applications. Performance issues disrupted business on a weekly basis. Managing firewall policies was labor intensive and time consuming. Hyland not only wanted to reduce the failure points to the Internet, but also strengthen its defenses against cyberattacks.

Technology Solution

Hyland built a mesh VPN using SRX Series firewalls, including the SRX5400 in its data center, SRX1500 in regional offices, and SRX300 and SRX220 in local offices. Hyland manages firewall security policies using a centralized console on Junos Space Security Director. Threat intelligence is distributed to enforcement points through Security Director using Spotlight Secure Connector.

Business Results

Using Juniper solutions has allowed Hyland to eliminate firewall performance disruptions, improve network availability, and reduce maintenance windows. Zone-based security and automated firewall configuration backup simplify security management, and advanced intelligence and botnet protection keep threats at bay. The 10-Gbps network will scale as the company grows.

“Using Juniper has allowed us to more reliably service partners and customers and grow as a software company. We can’t showcase our products if there are connectivity issues.”

Steven Watt, Network Administrator, Hyland

How we put it together

High-performance network security with advanced integrated threat intelligence, delivered on the industry’s most scalable and resilient platform.

Security management for centralized policy control across physical and virtual SRX Series firewall services.

Integrated real-time threat intelligence to detect and block advanced threats at the firewall.