Case Study

Uniting many operations under one network.

When Hillenbrand spun off from its former sister company, the separation of the IT infrastructure was a unique chance to build an agile environment that would adapt to Hillenbrand’s current business and future growth.

“We were faced with one known separation and an unknown number of integrations. The separation project wasn’t just a step in the spin off. We were also setting the groundwork for future expansions.”

Woodie Perkins, Director of Systems Support, Hillenbrand


Hillenbrand makes and sells caskets, urns, and other funeral services products, as well as equipment used for materials handling and processing. The company’s business performance is driven by acquisitions in growth-oriented industries, honed by a clear business strategy, and lean business practices.

Business Challenge

Ease of use and good value were high on Hillenbrand’s list of must-haves for a new network. With a deployment that spans over 90 locations across North America, mitigating the risk and maintaining business operations without a hiccup during the cutover were critical requirements.

Business Solution

Hillenbrand selected a portfolio of Juniper Networks solutions to power its corporate offices, manufacturing facilities, regional warehouses, and data center. The portfolio of Juniper products enables Hillenbrand to easily grow — or shrink — network capacity as business needs dictate. In addition, the Juniper solutions deliver the operational efficiencies that fit the company’s lean business practices.

Business Results

Juniper Networks products have delivered high levels of performance and resiliency, seamless upgrades, and strong business value. The separation of Hillenbrand from its former sister company went flawlessly from the network cutover to decommissioning the final link between the companies.

“With Juniper, we have a zero-downtime data center network and a flexible, resilient campus network infrastructure that allows us to scale upward as we grow, and downward into even the smallest computer rooms of future acquisitions,” said Jim Witherell, Hillenbrand’s Senior Network Architect.

How we put it together

High-performance carrier-class Ethernet switches for converged enterprise branch offices, campuses, and data centers, and for service provider deployments.

High-performance network security with advanced integrated threat intelligence, delivered on the industry's most scalable and resilient platform.