Case Study

How one retailer keeps its stores and sites connected.

After continued expansion of its operations, the BAS Group was looking for a complete, integrated solution from a single vendor with “best-in-class” technology.

“We are a technology company, so we need to use technology to give us total control of our operation—which is why we build our critical systems in-house.”

Lub Ten Napel, CIO, BAS Group.


The BAS Group is the largest multi-brand electronics retail channel in The Netherlands, supplying more than half of the country’s consumer electronics. As the first company in The Netherlands to offer consumers an online retail store with home delivery, it has grown from a single distributor to an operation that includes more than 200 stores.

Business Challenge

A critical part of the BAS Group’s business ethos has been to provide a consistent customer journey across all of its stores—physical as well as online. This has become more challenging as the number of stores has grown under the umbrella of multiple storefront brands and franchising agreements.

Business Solution

The new network was built using more than 300 EX2200 Ethernet Switches, along with over 200 SRX110 Services Gateways. Several SRX550 Services Gateways used to provide connectivity and security in the BAS Group’s data center. The entire network has been designed for full redundancy.

Business Results

With the rollout nearly complete, the BAS Group has already seen significant improvements in network stability, higher availability for its in-store point-of-sale systems, and greater control of in-store networks with enhanced troubleshooting capabilities.

“When a store had an issue with wireless or its POS system, we used to try all sorts of fixes as we attempted to troubleshoot the problem. But now we can see exactly what’s happening and have complete control,” said BAS Group CIO Lub Ten Napel.

How we put it together

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