Case Study

Smarter virtual storage management leads to real success.

A new storage solution and the demand for virtual machines in a VMware architecture required a network with a single point of management, less than 30 ms failover rate, and full scalability to grow with the business.

“With Juniper Networks we now have a reliable, high-performance network, operational simplicity with central management and control, and a clear growth path which gives us full confidence that wherever the business takes us, our network will follow.”

Neville Perry, Group Chief Technology Officer, BancABC


Headquartered in South Africa, ABC Holdings Limited is the parent company of a number of banks in sub-Saharan Africa. The bank offers a diverse range of financial services under the BancABC brand that include personal, business, and corporate banking as well as asset management, stock trading, and treasury services.

Business Challenge

Rapid business expansion has meant that BancABC’s customer database doubles every year, especially since it began operating as a retail bank. The bank’s growth now drives more system requirements through business partnerships that require systems integration and tools, including virtualization.

Business Solution

BancABC selected Juniper Networks SRX Series Services Gateways and QFX Series switches to support its VMware-based virtualized business model and storage solution, to accommodate plans for future conversion to 10GbE, and to eliminate single points of failure.

Business Results

The transition to the new storage environment went smoothly with zero downtime thanks to the network redundancy introduced by Juniper Networks technology. Daily database replication completes seven times faster in the new environment, marking a massive productivity gain. In addition, the bank has noted a substantial drop in support calls from its organization.

“When operational issues do occur, for instance a malicious virus attack, it’s typically in our legacy environment. When replaced with Juniper Networks technology, issues and support calls drop to almost zero,” said BancABC senior security specialist Zak Anderson.

How we put it together

A centralized network management and orchestration platform for managing network devices and services through a single pane of glass.

High-performance network security with advanced integrated threat intelligence, delivered on the industry's most scalable and resilient platform.

High-performance, low-latency edge switches that can be deployed in a variety of different network fabrics or architectures to provide maximum flexibility.