Case Study

Australia's Academic and Research Network (AARNet)

APL needed to increase network capacity and scale to expand its domestic footprint and enable Australia’s best and brightest researchers, educators, and students to benefit from greatly expanded network access, and a wide range of value-added network and cloud-based services.

“Our focus is on navigating the future of networking in Australia and globally so AARNet can drive a layer of more sophisticated value-added services.”

Chris Hancock, Chief Executive Officer, AARNet Pty Ltd. (APL)


AARNet provides high-capacity Internet and other advanced communications services for Australia’s universities, health and other research organizations, schools, vocational training providers, and cultural institutions. It serves over one million end users who access the network for teaching, learning, and research.

Business Challenge

Since launching its third-generation network in 2005, APL has seen AARNet traffic more than double every two years, driven both by increases in the number of end users on the network and an explosion in the size of data sets generated by advanced research applications.

Business Solution

To upgrade its network, APL deployed MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers within the AARNet core, its points-of-presence (POPs) across Australia, and at nine international locations. APL also deployed the EX4550 Ethernet Switch as network terminating units to present services at customer premises or at shared data center facilities.

Business Results

AARNet is providing resilient dual 10 Gbps public routed connectivity to each of eight RDSI nodes across Australia, allowing researchers to upload data or access it for analysis. The VPN capability of the AARNet4 backbone allows AARNet to also provide resilient dual 10 Gbps private L3 connectivity between the nodes for high-speed data replication.

“Our new Juniper Networks infrastructure has massive capacity so we can continue to scale bandwidth, add services, and increase our user base over the next few years without a problem.” Chris Hancock, Chief Executive Officer, AARNet Pty Ltd. (APL)

How we put it together

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