The network has changed lives immeasurably. It has expanded economies, given voice to the otherwise unheard and brought people, and communities together.

However, the resulting data deluge driven by video, mobility, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things is accelerating network demand and service providers are struggling to maintain profitably. For years, many have focused on CAPEX and OPEX reduction to meet the bottom line.

This is not enough; what’s required is the ability to automate operations, scale to meet demand and quickly launch new services that retain customers and generate new sources of revenue. At Juniper we build high-IQ networks that are intelligent, adaptive, open and programmable so you can achieve new service revenues more quickly. Here’s how:

Automate: By automating networks with fewer layers, fewer protocols and fewer independent parts, network agility can match service agility.

Scale: By achieving new heights in platform scale, performance and power efficiency organizations can leverage greater system-wide network utilization—every bit of the network equates to revenue.

Create: By creating an open, multi-domain, programmable SDN platform to bring IP and IT together, organizations can leverage the most advanced and flexible NFV service creation technology in the industry.

The Solution

Core: Juniper’s Converged Supercore delivers an integrated, powerful and economical end-to-end packet transport solution.

Universal Edge: Juniper’s Universal Edge service delivery platform enables service providers to quickly scale and offer new, competitive, value-added services that increase revenue for mobile, residential and enterprise markets.

Universal Access: Juniper’s Universal Access provides the foundation for address the escalating growth in mobile backhaul.

MetaFabric Architecture: Juniper’s Meta Fabric architecture is the tool chest for cloud builders. It enables a simple, open and smart infrastructure that accelerates the deployment and delivery of innovative applications.

Transform your network into an efficient, versatile and flexible platform for creating and delivering new experiences that wow customers.

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