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The rapid growth of mobile broadband has ushered in a similar increase in the frequency and intensity of security threats. Small cell environments—where little physical security is in place—are particularly vulnerable.

Solving this problem starts with locking down the backhaul network. One approach, IPsec Security Gateway (SecGW), has been designed into the LTE security architecture to protect unencrypted S1 and X2 interfaces. Many operators, however, are still on the fence regarding SecGW.

There are other challenges as well. For instance, since outdoor small-cell backhauls are often made through DSL and cable modem over ISP networks, it is difficult to provide accurate timing references needed to achieve phase synchronization through ISP networks. To overcome this issue, a grandmaster (GM) clock function must be placed closer to the small cells through a nearby micro- or macro-cell site router.

Juniper’s SRX Series Services Gateways deliver best-in-class security solutions that scale to more than 100 million concurrent sessions and 300 Gbps of firewall throughput—enough to satisfy the security requirements of large-scale HetNet deployments. High-availability SRX Series platforms act as LTE SecGWs, protecting mobile network and user traffic from internal and external threats with continuous uptime guarantees. The SRX Series also acts as stream-control transmission protocol (SCTP) and GPRS tunneling protocol (GTP) firewalls to protect against signaling storms.

For small cells that require high-precision frequency and phase synchronization to minimize interference and increase cell capacity, Juniper’s industry-leading mobile backhaul solution supports both Synchronous Ethernet and PTP in a hybrid mode. The Juniper solution includes all the components needed for a robust PTP implementation such as Stratum-1 level accurate GM, boundary clock (BC), and transparent clock (TC), enhancing the scalability and accuracy of synchronization.

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