Education Networks Designed for a New Generation of Digital Learning

Enabling student success with the Juniper Connected Campus.

School districts, colleges, and universities form the critical pipeline in preparing students to succeed in their adult and working lives. Creating educational opportunities that lead to a more personalized, accessible, and engaging learning experience is critical step toward improving student achievement and graduation rates.

Educators are responding to this need by making a shift to digital learning - and with that shift, students, teachers and faculty are demanding greater technology integration. As digital learning becomes the predominant learning model, campus and data center networks must be ready to support mission-critical digital learning, online courses, and online assessments.

These networks must deliver the scale, performance, security, and agility needed to connect digital traffic to and from the classroom, study areas, school buildings, cloud-based applications, and the Internet on a non-stop basis. Organizations that don’t properly prepare for this shift suffer from traffic bottlenecks, security threats, and increasing operational complexity - all critical issues that can disrupt digital learning.

A longtime leader in the industry, Juniper has earned the trust of schools and institutions to deliver networks with ample performance, reliability, resiliency, and security to meet digital learning and business goals. These advanced networks use simplified architecture that adds ease to the process of creating and supporting the connected campus.

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