Secure Analytics

Monitor security threats.

Market-leading security information and event management (SIEM) system that consolidates large volumes of event data from thousands of devices, endpoints, and applications in near real time.

Secure Analytics
  • JSA3800

    Enterprise appliance delivers scalable network security management for medium-sized and large companies.

  • JSA5800

    Carrier-class and enterprise appliance delivers deployment of scalable network security management for medium-sized and large companies.

  • JSA7500

    Provides global, scalable security management for large carrier-class and enterprise companies.

  • JSA Virtual Appliance

    Virtualized platform that provides Secure Analytics functionality.

Intelligent security threat management

Helps you discover and respond quickly to threats that are often missed by other solutions.

Increased network visibility and control

Integrates information from Juniper and third-party network devices for a complete, cost-effective picture of how the network infrastructure is behaving.

Reduced threat of security breaches

Vulnerability Manager lets organizations conduct rapid network scans, discover and isolate high-risk vulnerabilities, and automate regulatory compliance—all from a single, integrated dashboard.

Visibility into potential network threats

Risk Manager correlates network topology information with data from JSA, providing valuable insights that reveal potential threats and help your IT staff prioritize remediation tasks.

Collection and storage of big data

Store petabytes of data to improve query and search performance. This information can also be used to optimize resource utilization with Juniper Secure Analytics Data Nodes.

Greater intelligence capabilities

JSA supports IBM Security X-Force Threat Intelligence, contributing near real-time threat intelligence about malware hosts, spam sources, and anonymous proxies.