Application security for the SRX Series Services Gateways

AppSecure is a next-generation application security suite for SRX Series Services Gateways that delivers security threat visibility, enforcement, control, and protection over the network.



    AppSecure is a suite of application security capabilities for Juniper Networks SRX Series Services Gateways that identifies applications for greater visibility, enforcement, control, and protection of the network. AppSecure understands application behaviors and weaknesses, and it can prevent application-borne security threats that are difficult to detect and stop.

    Application Visibility with AppTrack

    AppTrack analyzes application data and classifies it based on risk level, user ID, zones, source, and destination addresses. It then uses it to assess adherence to application usage policies, address bandwidth management, or report on the most active users and applications.

    Application Enforcement with AppFW

    AppFW creates application control policies to allow or deny traffic based on application names, simplifying application security policies with whitelists and blacklists to define what actions to perform on matched traffic.

    Application Control with AppQoS

    AppQoS meters and marks traffic based on the application security policies set by the administrator, ensuring that mission-critical traffic is delivered even when usage levels surge.

    Application Security with IPS

    IPS tightly integrates Juniper’s application security features with the network infrastructure to provide threat mitigation and protection from a wide range of attacks and vulnerabilities.

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    • Application Awareness and Classification exposes SRX Series gateways to next-generation security services for increased visibility, control, and protection.
    • Nested Application Support provides enhanced protection against modern evasion techniques that utilize trusted services.
    • User and Role-Based Policies provide easier, better protection and reduce the number of policies needed to account for user location, IP address, etc.
    • SSL Inspection protects against threats embedded in SSL-encrypted traffic.
    • Purpose-Built Platform delivers unrivaled performance and flexibility for service providers and enterprises.
    • Junos OS Integration consolidates and optimizes services on SRX Series devices for maximum scale.