Secure Mobility


Today's quick rise in employee mobility is transforming the workforce. Not only does mobility boost productivity, it enables new levels of flexibility, collaboration and business agility in the organization. But, only if every device, access point, and application is managed and secure.

The rapid proliferation of devices has already impacted the workplace. Plus many more are on the way.   According to an IDC study, 524 Million smart phones will be sold in 2012, and that number will only increase over time. Moreover, almost 1/3rd of the enterprise work force is mobile today, tele working and traveling. As IT enables these changes to happen, impacts on the network security, performance, and complexity can be detrimental.  See how Juniper can help the IT organization become a  strategic business partner by empowering users, protecting resources, and adhering to corporate policies and regulations all at the same time.

With Juniper's Simply Connected portfolio, you can provide:

  • Coordinated threat control and management, based on user profile, location, device, or day/time
  • Simple and secure access with point-and-click provisioning & automatic on-boarding
  • Network scalability from small to large enterprises without complexity
  • Simplified operations to reduce human errors and down time

Register to download the IDC white paper, "Securing the Mobile Enterprise," and learn how to boost productivity while improving network security.


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