Upgrade to SRX Series

Upgrade from ScreenOS to the Juniper new network with the Junos unified platform. Protect your physical and virtualized workloads from evolving threats while deriving significant cost savings through services integration and consolidation.

SRX Series Services Gateways Demo

Upgrade from ScreenOS to Junos

The Challenge

Enterprises of all sizes — from the largest corporations to mid-sized organizations and SMBs —are under attack by increasingly sophisticated cyber criminals using new methods and technologies to gain access to valuable corporate data and assets. To protect against the risks posed by these cyber threats, these enterprises need advanced protection that delivers greater visibility, scalability, and control in the traditional enterprise network environment as well as in virtualized data centers and clouds.

Protecting the enterprise network from these evolving threats can be difficult when the network contains outdated, single-purpose appliances and platforms that each require dedicated support. This unnecessary complexity makes it more difficult to manage the network, leading to increased maintenance and equipment costs as well as potential vulnerabilities from inconsistent policy application.

These challenges require enterprises to use more advanced firewall features and more robust management tools that deliver stronger security and better performance than legacy ScreenOS platforms can provide.

The Solution

Upgrade to Juniper's new network with the Junos unified platform and SRX Series Services Gateways for the Branch and Data Center, and get integrated services that deliver comprehensive, layered network security, including security for virtualized data centers and clouds, in a single platform. The holistic approach to network security offered by the Junos-based SRX Series eliminates the need to purchase, support, and manage, multiple single-service appliances, ensures consistent application of advanced security policies, and drives cost savings.

The Benefits

  • Advanced protection. The Junos-based SRX Series offers advanced features, including separation of control and data planes, integrated IDP with hardware acceleration, and Unified Threat Management (UTM), for stronger protection against evolving threats. And, SRX supports AppSecure [ PDF Document 419 KB ] for application identification and classification, vGW for protecting virtualized workloads, and anti-malware protection to stop viruses, spyware, and Trojans before they reach users and sensitive data assets.
  • Cloud security. With our latest security offering, the vGW Series extends protection of the SRX into virtualized environments such as VMware, enabling secure implementation of cloud computing.
  • Lower costs. The SRX Series provides integrated high-performance security, routing, and network solutions for enterprises. Fewer individual appliance purchases mean less CAPEX, giving enterprises the ability to significantly reduce management costs and complexity of the overall infrastructure, resulting in OPEX savings.
  • Quicker, more consistent policy application. Replicating and managing policies across different platforms and appliances can be confusing and time-consuming, resulting in inconsistent policy application at any given time. Worse, it can mean more potential vulnerabilities. Managing and applying policy via the unified SRX security, routing, and switching platform ensures that policy application is always consistently applied, quickly and efficiently.

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