Networks that know
how to scale up
and drive costs down.

Meet overwhelming network demand with breakthrough scale.

The rise of smartphones, tablets and the Internet of Things has made traffic more dynamic and unpredictable.This has service providers contending with spiking demand while trying to remain profitable—a struggle that will only intensify.

Such a large-scale problem demands a holistic approach. One that combines innovations in both hardware and SDN programmability to deliver more scale, multilayer traffic optimization, and increased efficiency. A solution that could only come from Juniper Networks.

Drive costs out of the core.

Stay ahead of traffic demands while staying profitable.

Converged Supercore.
Massive scale, massively efficient.

Juniper’s Converged Supercore delivers the scale and efficiency demanded by today’s exponential growth coupled with precision control to launch virtualized services at scale anywhere in the network. The heart of the solution is the Juniper ExpressPlus silicon, the industry’s most powerful silicon and the brains of the operation is the NorthStar Controller bringing multi-layer SDN control to the largest and most complex networks in the world.

Engines of scale. The only IP routers today that blend industry-leading scale, superior performance and transport integration with simplified deployability.

24 terabit per second in a single chassis
5x more power efficient than competitors
Learn more about the PTX5000

8 terabit per second in half a rack
11x smaller and 7x lighter than competitors
Learn more about the PTX3000

3 terabit per second in 2 rack units
Only Fixed Configuration Core Router
Learn more about the PTX1000

Automate and engineer traffic dynamically with multilayer SDN control that enables granular visibility and accelerates customized service creation.

Enables dynamic paths through transport networks
Increases utilization and reduces redundancy
Eliminates overprovisioning and wasted CapEx
Learn more about the NorthStar Controller