On the Path to Automation, Model-Driven Network Operation Is Key

Learn how OpenConfig and Yang can help you get there.

In traditional network operations, command-line interface (CLI) is the norm for configuration. But CLI tends to be proprietary, requiring substantial integration with existing element management systems (EMS) and operation support systems (OSS). Integration, a complex and costly process, leads to long qualification cycles and other challenges.

At Juniper, we recognized that limitation early on. For that reason, we developed Junos OS with internal modeling of the configuration state. Junos OS uses our Data Definition Language (DDL), the precursor of YANG, which has become a widely used data-modeling language as defined by IETF and OpenConfig.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about the model-driven approach to network operation. Our speakers will show you how OpenConfig and YANG will modernize operations and usher us into a new era of network automation.

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Edward Arcuri

Director, Global Center of Excellence

Juniper Networks

Robert H. Tang

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Juniper Networks