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The still image shown from the video is of a cloud drawing divided into different parts and meant to illustrate the three pillars comprising Experience-First Networking. Underneath the words “Experience-First Networking” at the top are three separate boxes. The first box says, “Scalable IP Fabric.” The box in the middle says, “Cloud First.” The box on the right says, “Managed Enterprise Services.” The colors shown are all various shades of blue-green.

Your enterprise can deliver unsurpassed customer experiences. Here’s how. 

To deliver superior experiences for customers, today’s enterprise organizations require on-demand, secure services that can be deployed and modified at any time. Discover how Juniper’s full stack of secure wired, wireless, and SD-WAN solutions can simplify your network and its operations, so you can deliver a differentiated customer experience. That’s what we call “Experience-First Networking.” 

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You’ll learn

  • The three strategic pillars that comprise Juniper’s Experience-First Networking philosophy 

  • How Juniper provides the best Day 0 through Day 2 operations experience 

  • How Juniper leverages AI automation to deliver unrivaled SLA performance

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


0:01 Online service experience matters,

0:03 But delivering a differentiated service experience isn’t easy.

0:07 Enterprise organizations require secure, assured services

0:11 that can be deployed and modified on-demand, anywhere and at any time.

0:14 That’s why at Juniper Networks we're focused on simplifying your network and its operations,

0:19 so you can deliver a differentiated service experience to your customers and theirs.

0:25 We call this Experience-First Networking.

0:28 To accomplish this objective, we’re focusing on these three strategic pillars:

0:32 Our Managed Enterprise Services enable you to deliver wired, wireless, and SD-WAN services,

0:37 differentiated by experience, while arming your NetOps team with proactive insights

0:42 and the best Day 0 through Day 2 operations experience.

0:47 How do we make this happen?

0:48 By providing a complete, full-stack of services

0:51 operated from a single cloud platform,

0:53 leveraging AI-Driven automation to simplify operations,

0:57 optimize wireless access, LAN and WAN services,

1:00 and provide insight into service performance down to the individual client and application level.

1:06 With measurable user experience for every user, every minute,

1:10 you can deliver uninterrupted services with immediate failover support,

1:13 even for voice and video conferencing.

1:16 Together we can deliver secure, assured services with improved SLA performance,

1:21 increased stickiness,and an exceptional end-user experience.

1:26 Juniper Experience-First Networking;

1:28 delivering outcomes that matter.

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