Clare Lansley, Chief Information Officer, Aston Martin F1 Team

Juniper's Partnership with AMF1 for their New Factory

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Clare Lansley and Rami Rahim at the new AMF1 factory

Juniper is ​the official network of the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One™ Team. Hear from Juniper Networks' CEO Rami Rahim and Aston Martin F1's CIO Clare Lansley discuss the technology partnership and how it plays a part in their new factory.

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You’ll learn

  • How important the network is to AMF1 team

  • Why the AMF1 team chose Juniper Networks 

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Clare Lansley
Chief Information Officer, Aston Martin F1 Team
Rami Rahim Headshot
Rami Rahim
CEO, Juniper Network


0:04 For our new state-of-the-art factory campus at Silverstone,

0:07 we needed to have a fast

0:08 and intelligent network that could meet all of our demands.

0:11 We need the best network.

0:14 And we chose Juniper.

0:16 Their unique innovation and AI capabilities

0:18 enable a resilient, fast and intelligent network.

0:22 It provides the vital data link between the pitwall,

0:24 trackside garage and factory during each race

0:27 to the extent that our network from Juniper travels with the AMF1 team

0:31 to every circuit around the world.

0:33 The consistency and quality of user experience is everything

0:37 in this uncompromising environment.

0:41 Juniper and Aston Martin F1 share a common passion

0:46 for advanced engineering for Innovation

0:48 but also for sustainability.

0:49 Whether it is building Formula 1 the race cars that will eventually use

0:54 100% renewable energy or building network infrastructures

0:58 that's going to be powering these factories that are

1:01 consuming the least amount of energy but also the least amount of space

1:05 and will last the longest with investment protection.

1:07 I could not be more impressed

1:08 after taking a tour of this Aston Martin F1 new factory,

1:12 of course, going to be powered by Juniper Networks infrastructure.

1:16 Such an amazing site.

1:17 There's going to be some amazing technology

1:19 that's developed and coming out the doors of this factory.

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