Sustainability: Juniper Networks & Aston Martin F1 Team Tree Planting Event

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Juniper Networks & Aston Martin F1 Team plant trees outside of the new AMF1 Team factory (to be opened in 2023) as part of their partnership and joint commitment to sustainability. Hear from Juniper employees and AMF1 Team members as they share more.

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You’ll learn

  • How Juniper and AMF1 are collaborating to support sustainable efforts

  • How many trees were planted during this single event

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0:18 project manager at Aston Martin we're

0:20 here at the new Silverstone Factory

0:22 today we've got about 400 staff on site

0:25 working in partnership with Juniper

0:26 Networks as we create our new Woodland

0:28 area today we're planting about 750

0:30 trees let's go and take a look and see

0:32 what's going on

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0:46 networks and Aston Martin Formula One

0:48 share common values around Innovation

0:51 Advanced engineering as well as

0:53 sustainability so whether it is about

0:55 developing race cars that will run 100

0:57 renewable energy or network

0:59 infrastructure that consumes the least

1:01 amount of energy and space possible or

1:03 planting trees like this in this

1:05 Wellness site around the new ask Martin

1:07 F1 Factory I think these are all signs

1:09 of how important and how aligned this

1:12 partnership is it's great to see

1:13 companies like Juniper getting involved

1:15 in initiatives like this to try and be

1:17 more sustainable and Greener future for

1:19 us all so we're here with the family

1:21 we've got uh two young children with us

1:23 Charlotte and James we've got Grandma

1:25 with us as well and uh yeah we're here

1:28 to plant some trees just to see

1:30 everybody else in the sunshine enjoying

1:33 themselves and doing something really

1:35 good and also coming together outside of

1:37 work is fantastic so we're actually

1:39 delighted to be part of this Venture due

1:42 to connect works for me as a quality

1:44 brand and I think we're also investing

1:46 our time in something very meaningful

1:48 longer term and I think it's really

1:50 important as a group we came together in

1:53 our own time just to show how committed

1:55 we are to this a day like today for

1:58 Juniper Networks is all about being part

2:00 of the Aston Martin Formula One team

2:02 being able to work together plant the

2:04 trees and actually be part of bringing

2:05 the new Factory online outside as well

2:08 as inside means that we really do feel

2:10 part of it and it's great to involve

2:12 more Juniper people in in the whole

2:15 partnership as well you know literally

2:16 Hands-On

2:20 I could not be more impressed after

2:22 taking a tour of this Aston Martin F1

2:24 new Factory of course it could be

2:26 powered by Juniper Network's

2:27 infrastructure

2:29 um such an amazing site there's going to

2:31 be some amazing technology that's

2:32 developed and coming out the doors of

2:34 this Factory so Juniper Networks and

2:36 Aston Martin Formula One are working

2:37 together today in the environmental

2:40 sense we're planting trees as part of

2:42 our joint commitment to sustainability

2:43 but on the technology side we're

2:45 committed to providing Aston Martin

2:47 formula one with the sustainable

2:49 networking solution at their new

2:51 technology campus

2:54 thank you

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